Good neighbour is about helping neighbours transform their community.

We achieve this by helping one person, one family at a time.

Putting the neighbour back in the hood

We met a young couple who had a dream to get married in their backyard.

On their own this was an impossible dream. They had lost their main income due to epilepsy and this pushed their dream beyond reach. Friends and neighbours came together and worked with volunteers from Good Neighbour to transform their back yard.

With the generous help of four local businesses their back garden was now ready for the wedding.

We organised  a celebrant, cake and photos, while family provided the other essentials like food and marquee. When the guests arrived they were amazed at what had been achieved by working together.

It was great to see the the happy couple enjoy their dream wedding

Connecting people who are struggling with hope and joy

While on their last family holiday together (because the father has terminal cancer) their firewood was stolen.
This was the doorway of opportunity for us to help support this family, not only with firewood, but with ongoing practical help around their property.
We even put on a pirate party for their son to celebrate his fifth birthday. With tears in his eyes the father thanked us for bringing hope and joy into their lives at this difficult time.

Building relationships through practical love in action

A young mum on her own arrives home from Austrailia with a baby and twin girls (two years old).

She had her hands full with the demands of a young family and was struggling to keep on top of looking after her property.

We were able to provide some pracical help (property care) as she settled in.

Through partnership with Local Area Coordination trust, we provided some wrap around support for this young family.




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We want to build relationships with people we help and do life together.

We value people not the projects.

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