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Carmel Country Estate Retirement Village is a privately owned and operated village, where our residents are viewed more like family members than just a number. Our sucess has been built on this philosophy and this was demonstrated by winning business of the year award in the category....Service Excellence.

Carmel has been established since 1995, offering just under 150 villas and boasts a beautiful community centre. We are passionate about meeting the needs of our residents in this ever changing world. Carmel Country Estate is very proud to be associated with the Good Neighbour Trust. We value their vision of making a difference in peoples lives within the greater Tauranga city. The work undertaken by Good Neighbour in the community in association with the Tauranga City Council is vital to this citys growth and transformation. We want Tauranga to become a place where people know and help their neighbours, thus transforming their communities. This is why Carmel Country Estate continues to be a proud supporter of Good Neighbour Trust this year. 

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