Business Support

At Good Neighbour we aim to build strong mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses who want to make their community and Tauranga city a better place.

As one of our business supporters, you will help make a difference here in our local neighbourhoods. In return you will gain public awareness that your local business is not just about profit but wants to help make a difference in peoples lives here in Tauranga. By showing this commitment to our local community your business will recieve some very positive public relations exposure.


Making a difference in your local community helps with team building and brings a culture of giving to your company. By choosing to help Good Neighbour your empolyees and customers will see that your business has its heart in the right place.

Business benefits of supporting Good Neighbour

As well as the "feel good" factor that comes with supporting Good Neighbour, your business can expect some tangible benefits from the relationship. These include;

  • Strengthening customer loyalty to your brand and market position,through association with Good Neighbour
  • Fulfilment of your company's goals and ambitions for social responsibility.
  • Engagement with the local community, through volunteering.
  • There are various other benefits, depending on your level of support. These can be seen by clicking here

Why do businesses choose Good Neighbour as their charity?

  • The neighbourhood services we provide are relevant to many people that need a hand up in our community.
  • We have three distinct areas that can help build  bettter neighbourhoods
  • We are flexible and aim to respond to meet identified needs in our neighbourhoods as we are able.
  • When discussing your charity choice with your employees, you can encouage them to volunteer. This helps generate a serving culture within your business.

Ways you can help us

You could;

  • Make a business donation
  • Provide us with free products or services.
  • Give your employees time off to do volunteer work for Good Neighbour.


We'd welcome the chance to talk to you about opportunities or any questions you may have.

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Meet our supporters

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